Organza Drukowana Kolorowe Kwiaty - Textil World
Organza Drukowana Kolorowe Kwiaty - Textil World
Organza Drukowana Kolorowe Kwiaty - Textil World

Organza Printed Colorful Flowers

11,99 zł

1 piece refers to 0.5 meters of fabric. When choosing 2 pieces, you receive 1 linear meter. By choosing 5 pieces, you get 2.5 linear meters. The purchased goods are shipped in one piece.

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Printed Organza - Colorful Flowers

Printed Organza is a fabric that delights with its subtle shine and delicacy. Made of the highest quality synthetic fibers, it looks great in outfits with an original character. The fabric has a delicate, transparent character, making it perfect for light, airy wardrobe items. The floral motif gives it a unique charm and makes it a perfect choice for special occasions. Printed organza is very popular in fashion and decoration, and thanks to its lightness and airiness, it can be used in many other applications.


Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 28 g/m2 (+/- 3%)

Width: 150 cm (+/- 3%)

Product features:

Subtle shine

Light and airy

Delicate and transparent

Durable and durable

Crease resistant

Easy to care for

Application: Evening and cocktail dresses Skirts and blouses Scarves and scarves Decorative elements (e.g. tablecloths, napkins) Ballet and theater costumes

Printed Organza - Colorful Flowers is a proposition for women who value uniqueness and elegance. Perfect for outfits for special occasions, as well as light, airy wardrobe items. Thanks to its durability and crease resistance, printed organza will remain in excellent condition for many years. This fabric is easy to care for, and its unique pattern will certainly attract the attention of many people.