Elegancka Pikowka Paski Bordo 5cm - Textil World
Elegancka Pikowka Paski Bordo 5cm - Textil World
Elegancka Pikowka Paski Bordo 5cm - Textil World

Elegant Quilted Striped Burgundy 5cm

24,99 zł

1 szt. dotyczy 0,5 mb tkaniny. Wybierając 2 szt. otrzymujesz 1 metr bieżący. Wybierając 5 szt. otrzymujesz 2,5 metra bieżącego. Zakupiony towar wysyłamy w jednym kawałku.

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It is a three-layer fabric, with a warming layer, a lining and a top layer. You can use it to sew a perfect jacket, autumn coat or trim a jacket. It is a solid, durable and, above all, warm material due to its thermal insulation properties.

Composition: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane
Weight: 350 g/m2 (+/- 2%)
Width: 150 cm (+/- 2%)

Product features:
Thermal insulation
Durable and waterproof
Resistant to damage


This product has been very fashionable in recent years and has been used by various international clothing brands as an ideal material for spring, winter or autumn collections. It is well known among international brands such as Moncler, Tom Ford, Valentino, Armani and many others. This is also visible in various local Polish brands, as we also cooperate with them. T he quality of the quilt is relatively better than those available in the market as it has additional mesh and finishing to maintain the design and solid appearance of the material.