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Smooth Light Pink Chiffon

7,40 zł

1 szt. dotyczy 0,5 mb tkaniny. Wybierając 2 szt. otrzymujesz 1 metr bieżący. Wybierając 5 szt. otrzymujesz 2,5 metra bieżącego. Zakupiony towar wysyłamy w jednym kawałku.

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Introducing our unique Chiffon fabric, a combination of elegance and comfort that adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Chiffon, thanks to its delicate and light structure, is a versatile choice for a variety of fashion and decorative applications. Made with precision and care, Chiffon brings an air of grace and charm to your creative projects.

Types of Applications: Chiffon fabric is perfect for many applications, including:

  1. Fashion Wear: Create flowing dresses, skirts, blouses and scarves that drape beautifully and exude ethereal charm.
  2. Special Occasion: Accentuate your formal wear with Chiffon, perfect for creating elegant evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and cocktail attire.
  3. Home Decorations: Add a touch of elegance to your interior with chiffon curtains, table runners and decorative ornaments.
  4. Handicrafts: Use Chiffon to decorate hair accessories, bag decorations and delicate handicrafts that require a soft and refined touch.


  1. Light and Smooth
  2. Soft and Breathable
  3. Transparent and delicate
  4. Elegant Charm


  1. Gentle Wash
  2. Mild Detergent
  3. Avoid Bleach
  4. Air Drying
  5. Storage


Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 190 g/m2

Width: 150 cm (+/- 2%)

Famous brands that use printed chiffon in their production:

  • Zara - a famous fashion brand that often uses printed chiffon to produce elegant women's clothing.
  • H&M - this brand offers many different styles of women's clothing made of printed chiffon, from airy dresses to elegant blouses.
  • Mango - this popular fashion brand offers many beautiful creations made of printed chiffon, perfect for various occasions.
  • Reserved - this brand offers many elegant dresses and blouses
  • Exclusive: Gucci, Dior, Versace, Chanel