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Aksamit Cuba Welur Cappuccino Mocca

17,00 zł

1 szt. dotyczy 0,5 mb tkaniny. Wybierając 2 szt. otrzymujesz 1 metr bieżący. Wybierając 5 szt. otrzymujesz 2,5 metra bieżącego. Zakupiony towar wysyłamy w jednym kawałku.

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Aksamit try welur

This elegant fabric is soft, pleasant to the touch, finished with high quality yarn to provide a flexible aid for your creative imagination. The velvet Scuba Velor is distinguished primarily by its beautiful elegant and delicate gloss effect.

PerfectFor sewing carnival costumes, party blouses and dresses, stage costumes, leggings or gaiters, pillowcases or for making decorative figurines, dolls and animals. This fabric gives a lot of creative opportunities. We highly recommend this product because it is one of our bestsellers in the wholesale sector with the clothing brands and decorative companies cooperating with us.


  • Pleasant, Soft, Delicate
  • Elegant with a slight minymal but visible sheen
  • Easy to be stitched at home and processed
  • Lays up on furniture and decorations
  • Can be embroidered on it
  • Does not color
  • Pouring
  • Elastic velour knit


  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Furniture
  • Decoration
  • Pajamas, tracksuits, leggings
  • Pillows, Blankets, Duvets
  • Skirts
  • Toys
  • Stuffed animals, plush workmanship

Technical Specification

Composition 92% Polyester (high quality), 8% Elastane
Grading 210 g / m2
Width 150 cm
Pattern Velur, Miekki, Pleasant, Polysk, Lejacy
Certificate Oeko-Tex
Efekt Yarn with soft and delicate hairs